Testing Water Sources

When you are checking out water mains that may need repairs, or you have just set up a new water main, you will want to make sure that you are conducting tests in the most effective way. And it often means that you will need a high quality hydrostatic test pump that is going to help you perform these tests. It is the only way of reliably testing the water mains or sewer force mains that you are dealing with. And you will want to make sure you have one of the best pumps, as you do not want to compromise at all.

hydrostatic test pump

The best test pumps are the ones that are able to handle a chlorine solution that is up to 10 percent. Why? Because when you are using these pumps, you will have to pump chlorinated water into the main so that you can purify the entire supply. And that has to happen in an effective way. Having a hydrostatic pump that can get this done for you will be vitally important. And you need it to be the type of pump that will be durable for a long time, not just useful for a few weeks or months.

Some of the other features that you are going to find on the best pumps include unique manifold systems and bypass relief valves. The manifold system is designed to reduce how many fittings are required in the pump. It means that it has fewer points where a leak could happen, which means far fewer chances of it breaking down or needing to be repaired. And the bypass relief valve is useful as it is designed to take pressure off from the pump when there is an engine startup. It also ensures the valve is less likely to have a sticking seat, which can be damaging to the pump.