A Look at the Advantages of the EPDM Roof

The rubber roof, better known as an EPDM roof, is one of many roofing materials available to homeowners and business owners seeking a new or replacement roof. The EPDS roof is oftentimes used on low-slope roofs, offering numerous advantages other roofing materials couldn’t possibly provide. If you’re in the market for a new roof, learning more about the advantages and disadvantage of epdm roofing wichita can help you better determine if this roofing material is one you can benefit from.

epdm roofing wichita


One of the first rubber roofing advantages is the price. While some roofing materials can leave the bank account in drought, the rubber roof is reasonably priced, and installation won’t break you, either. Obviously, comparing rates unravels the best prices, so be sure that estimates are obtained and compared before hiring.

Easy Installation

EPDM roofing is sold in rolls that are placed over the roof. The rolls are easy-to use and install, so both time to install is reduced, as well as the costs. When a roof is needed quickly, the EPDM roof makes it simple to get a roof in place when it is needed.

Reduce Energy Costs

Available in the traditional black material and coated with a highly-reflective white material, the EPDM roof adds great energy-efficiency to the home, reducing the usage in the house as well as the costs of consumption. Who cannot use a break in their energy usage now and again?

Weather Resistant

EPDM is weather resistant, and that quality is important in any roof that is applied to your home, business, or other building structure. The EPDM roof can sustain hail up to three-inches in diameter, is wind resistant, and fire resistant, too. There are no worries when a rubber roof is on your home.